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Acquaint gives you access to the tools, ideas and strategies that will help you not only grow your social presence but empower you to grow personally and professionally.

Whether you're an influencer, blogger, marketing professional or a business owner, Acquaint offers so much!

Real Life Empowerment

Dynamic Community

Many will join, but the hard and honest truth is that not all will be able to commit to their growth in a way that will bring real results. Our community comes with awesome perks and benefits but real growth requires commitment, dedication, and a vision. We provide accountability in the form of a dynamic community.

Skill Set Growth

Community members can expect to observe personal growth when involved in the community’s groups that exude a positive community atmosphere laden with organization tips, goal setting, & business coaching. Which can provide an opportunity for personal accountability enabled by positivity & encouragement.

Business Advancement

Small business owners can expect consistent grown in their skills with helpful content and discussion topics such as blogging, sales techniques, marketing, public relations, promotion, branding, advertising, product photography, product sourcing, team-building & leadership skills.

  • Learn more about social  marketing.
  • Discover innovative ways to spread your message and products organically.
  • Find an Acquaint influencer or blogger who can help amplify your digital voice.
  • Use our AI to discover perfectly paired influencers for your campaigns.

Brands & Small Business Owners
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Network & Meet Great People

Discover our exciting, creative and vibrant community members

We’re in this together, and…

The future is bright!

  • Strong connections and friendships will develop when we gather together.
  •  Authentic personal and professional growth will come as a result of our community.
  • Sharing our successes, triumphs & accomplishments is cornerstone to our community!
  • Share your questions & struggles but also share growth and wins too!
  • We’re in this together, it’s an exciting time for all of us:  brands, bloggers, influencers, and women in general~ together we are unstoppable!

Strategizing & Networking

Join our discussion forums to share your ideas, network, and ask questions. Share with others.



Marketing Pros

Influencers & Bloggers can sign up for a FREE public profile where brands and marketing pros can learn about them, view their social media accounts and see them in action. Brands can private connect with influencers and reach out to them and work with them.

Brands/Businesses will be able to create a FREE profile and then submit campaigns for influencers/bloggers to which influencers can connect with the brand/business to submit for a campaign. Brands can also learn more about DIY influencing and marketing.

Explore and discover unique up-and-coming brand ambassadors, bloggers, and those with sway. All types of influencers, with all size authentic followings.  Become acquainted with a dynamic group of dedicated women who are committed to helping you achieve your client’s goals .

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