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A simple definition of a brand growth strategy is setting out to grow brand equity and market share, usually in the long term. A company’s overall plan may include a variety of different strategies that fall into four main categories:

  • Market penetration (gaining more of an existing market with an existing product)
  • Market development (entering a new market with an existing product)
  • Product development (introducing a new product in an existing market)
  • Diversification (introducing a new product in a new market)

What Acquaint Social Is NOT

  • An advertising agency
  • A public relations firm
  • A marketing service or company

What Acquaint Social Brand Strategists ARE

We ARE teachers, mentors, and coaches. We have walked the walk and talked the talk by owning and growing our own successful online businesses. We will not do the work for you, what we WILL do is: We provide YOU with the tools YOU need to empower YOURSELF to market, advertise, improve and most importantly GROW your online small business. Consider this an on-going master class with perks.


Give a woman a fish and she eats for a day. Teach a woman to fish, and she eats for a lifetime.


Acquaint Social brand strategist specialists can help YOU achieve a growth explosion in your small business skill set. We desire to mentor, coach and teach small business owners to develop skills

Our blog (open to all) will provide free content for brands in the following areas:

  • Which platforms to focus on based on your target market
  • Growth Ideas and Social Media Marketing Coaching
  • Product Photography Tips
  • Using Models or Influencers
  • Blogging + Email Marketing
  • Public Relations/Promotions and reaching your target market
  • Spreading the good news about what you do + Giving Back
  • Packaging your products
  • Selling platforms and how to choose your venue
  • Non-traditional ways of marketing your brand/business: thinking outside the box
  • Suggested reading

If you’re serious about growing, then you’ll want to go next level:

Brands that enroll as Acquaint Social community brand members are privy to member’s only content.

Aquaint Social Brand Members will be provided next level member’s only content, based on a collective team experience and professional skill set of over 25 years in online small business growth strategy and execution. We can provide one on one mentoring, active participation with small business coaching as well as analyzing your business’s goals. You will be provided with resources, suggested reading and helpful blogs/websites and insider’s only tools. 

Our blog posts will discuss marketing, blogging, sales techniques, public relations, promotion, branding, advertising, product photography, product sourcing/wholesaling, team-building, mentorship, and leadership skills, and honing a niche market presence in addition to a host of others- just to name a few!

Available separately are services for Consulting – Strategizing – Mentoring. Graphic / Logo Design, Branding Packages and More. 

We will connect you to influencers in your target market with our awesome AI matching ability. to help create campaigns with the goals of:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Assisting in the buzz surrounding new product launches
  • Increasing product sales and awareness
  • Announcing important company milestones or news
  • Reaching new or untapped demographics
  • Custom campaigns and benchmarks based on your brand goals

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Have something to add to the conversation? Please leave a comment and let’s talk! Want more? Check out the rest of the blog, and subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss a thing. Register for an account on Acquaint here (all female influencers, brand ambassadors, bloggers, brands, marketing professionals and businesses are welcome and can benefit from the community and what we teach).

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