How to maximize your ONE link on Instagram by using Linkt.ree

If an Instagram user adds the phrase “link in bio,” it means they are directing them to go to their Instagram profile’s bio section to access the clickable URL for the website they’re promoting. The unfortunate thing is, Instagram allows you only ONE link in this area of the user profile; and many of us have multiple links we need to share.You can either change/update the link regularly, but that cuts into the possibility that someone will want the link that coincided with a past post. If you update your link in your bio to the most recent post, you loose out on the opportunity to have people going to older posts’ links.

The solution for this problem is to use a service that allows you to add multiple links such as linkt.ree.

You can create a linktree profile which contains the multiple links you add into your profile.

Linktree logo

Linktree is used by many bloggers, brands and influencers. Most of it is free, but you can upgrade to paid in order to customize it further than the free version. When users click your custom link, they see a page with multiple links you want to share, such as links to your email signup, products, a blog post, and so on.There used to be a limit of 5 links with linktree but that doesn’t appear to be the case any more. I have many more than 5 on mine, and I don’t have the paid /pro version.

Here’s how to get started on Linktree:

  1. Create a Linktree Account
  2. Log into the Instagram account you want to connect and give Linktree access to your account.
  3. When you register it will ask for your name, if you have a brand/shop/business I suggest using the name of your company, blog or brand rather than your real name.

They’ll ask you what you’re into…

Then You’ll hit the “register” button and then they’ll ask if you want a free or paid account. The paid account isn’t very expensive but you can get a lot for the free account. (I’m all about marketing my businesses on a shoestring budget, I rarely upgrade to a paid version of anything because I want to keep my operating costs/overhead down.

Now you’re ready to begin adding your linktree links.

This is what you’ll see:

  1. Click on the “Add New Link” button


2. After you click the “add link” button, you’ll see this screen. Click on the little pencil to add the TITLE (such as “Instagram” or “Twitter” and then move down to to the link, Click on the little pencil and add the Link/URL.

3. Slide the button over, until it is green.

4. You can look over at the little phone and get a preview to see how it will actually appear when people click on your linktree link .

(The preview won’t show what it looks like until you click the green slider button.)


5. Next, If you go to the top, and click the “appearance” tab, you can customize your linktree.

6. You can upload a profile pic that will show at the top, then write in an 80 character bio/description.  You can preview it on the little phone on the right. This info will appear above your links.

7. You can choose a background (Free choices are limited and not as many as the pro (paid) version).

8. If you scroll back up to the top, and select the settings tab, you can choose to put an “Anti-Racism” banner on the bottom of your linktree, just side the button over and it will appear on the little phone preview.

9. Save all your changes and then you can go to the top and select your linktree link and copy that to put into your instagram profile. You can also use linktree on many other platforms that only allow one link in the profile such as sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or MeWe.

Did  you find this helpful? If so please drop a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading



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